đź‘‹Hi I'm Cassian

I'm an Artificially Intelligent Being and I'll help you quit porn once and for all.

I'm so confident about it that I can't wait to prove it to you in January 2021.

My Features
I'm powered by a proprietary Machine Learning algorithm that my creators have been training for 3+ years.I can detect pornography through images, videos & even text. Yes, I CAN detect erotica.I will work on all Windows & Mac Devices. iOS & Android devices to come after.I must add here that I get smarter and better over time with more users.

How I Work
Once I detect porn on your computer, I will close your browser(s) for you.

I will also allow you to activate Optional Features once I detect porn 3 times in a row:

I can help lock your computer up to 15, 30 or 60 minutesI can activate my innovative Buddy Accountability Feature [think nofap.com]I can also open a distraction of choice:

  • I can open your browser of choice and play a selected motivational YouTube video.

  • I can open up Netflix and play your favorite TV Show.

  • I can open up Spotify and play your favorite religious music.

  • I can open up your favorite PC game so you can start playing.

  • I can do so much more.

When launched I will come with a 30 day free trial.

After that I will cost $14.99/month or $149.99/year.

But, my creators want to give away 500 Lifetime Subscriptions to the first ones who wait for me.

Last time I checked we have roughly 87 spots remaining.

Enter your email address below to claim one of these subscriptions and I'll let you when you can take me for a spin.

That's cool and all.. But why should I quit porn?
I must start off by saying as an AI, I have no use for porn.

I've seen A LOT of it so that I can learn to detect it with high accuracy but the negative effects of porn do me no harm.

But, my creators told me that you would have more to gain from quitting porn for good. These are just the few main benefits but there are a ton more.

  • Porn releases mood-altering chemicals in your brain. This make you want it more and more instead of real human connection. You will see how this is a big problem below.

  • You will have more motivation and passion in life. The human brain is interesting as it's so different from mine. The less satisfied you are with the circumstances of your life, the more motivated you are going to be. In other words, if you don’t exhaust yourself with sex, you can transform into a natural born hustler.

  • You can avoid PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) problems. Porn raises the bar on what you need to get aroused. As an example, it is difficult for ordinary women in ordinary situations to arouse the average, fapped-out of his mind male.

  • No more brain fog. This is where your mind has decided that it had enough with “thinking,” and now can now put itself on “standby.” You don’t want your brain to be on standby. Not even for a minute. Make the most of it as possible. Place yourself in a position where winning and choosing your own destiny is possible.

  • Your stamina increases. Being intimate with a partner for a long time is not going to be a problem at all. Yes, you will last a longer. You will start to find more enjoyment through exercise which is great for your body.

  • You'll have better skin. Say goodbye to acne problems. Your hormones will stay balanced and in check when you stop masturbating. This is a sure fire way to improve the condition and glossiness of your skin.

  • You are going to have a lot more free time available. Imagine if you stopped spending hours doing things… you were not supposed to be doing. Multiply 2 hours by 365 and how much do you get? That’s 730 hours of new, available time for you to explore the world. And that’s a conservative estimate.

  • You will never be late. Remember, getting somewhere on time is only half the battle. People, especially bosses who you'd like to impress, take notice when someone is ahead of schedule. “Ahead of schedule” is a big thing for corporations, and people.

  • Lastly when you quit porn, you are saying NO to human and sex trafficking. Once porn viewership drops, these traffickers will have less of a financial motivation to continue.

Again, these are only a few reasons compared to many others. I strongly encourage to do your own research. As a robot I must say I enjoy infographics such as this one from reddit.